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Mandate - Tanzania 2018

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CPAs Without Borders

​CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013. CPAWB was founded by a group of CPAs, with the goal of using the skills of CPAs to contribute positively to the well-being of foreign communities in need.


CPAWB aims to, by its projects and field mandates, train and develop staff at foreign not-for profits, in fields of expertise related to the CPA profession. More specifically, in matters of financial management, governance & ethics, and sustainable development amongst other topics.

  • Location
    Cities of Moshi & Arusha

  • Mandate timeline
    January 12, 2018 to January 29, 2018

  • Duration of mandate
    2 weeks of on-site. Plus, preparation work required prior to travelling on-site on an as needed basis.

  • Number of CPAWB field volunteers
    2 CPAWB volunteers                            


CPAWB has entered into a partnership with the organization Tanzania United Parents Secondary Schools (TUPSS) CPAWB’s pro-bono services. From hereon we will refer to TUPSS as “TUPSS” or the “Organization”.

CPAWB will help the Organization as follows;

  • Assist in developing and implementing a uniform accounting system and process for the Organization’s member schools and assist in the transfer from a manual to automated accounting system.

  • Provide accounting training and Quickbooks training to the staff of the Organization’s member schools. To the extent that the staff will be able to use Quickbooks to manage student files and process accounting documents (invoices, bills, etc…).

  • Perform a preliminary diagnosis/current-state analysis of the Organization’s member schools, to identify potential process improvements. Especially regarding processes related to accounting, management, treasury, financial analysis, budgeting and the optimization of Quickbooks.

  • CPAWB and the Organization will document the process improvements and changes made to 2 of the significant sample schools within Organization’s member schools. The recommendations and processes will be used as a model for improving the remaining member schools.

  • In the current mandate, CPAWB volunteers will be required to transfer the entire manual accounting system to Quickbooks along with identified process improvements.

  • A solid knowledge of Quickbooks and its use in SMEs is essential for the completion of this mandate.

About the Organization

The Organization is an NGO that groups 14 secondary schools from within several regions of the country. The objective of the Organization is to encourage communication and cooperation between the schools in order to provide the highest standard of education possible to its students in Tanzania. The schools consist of 9800 students, 69% of which are female. The schools supplement their teaching revenues by engaging in farming, baking and livestock activities.




As an expert in Quickbooks, the selected candidate(s) will primarily perform the following tasks;

Preparation of the mandate ;

  • Familiarize oneself with the schools included in the mandate and how they operate

  • Understand the chart of accounts used by the member schools

  • Once the chart of accounts is approved, implement the new chart of accounts as required

  • Participate in the preparation of training materials and other documents as needed prior to departure/on-site arrival

  • Participate in a pre-departure planning meeting


Execution of the mandate : 

  • Implement a revamped chart of accounts

  • Perform training sessions to educate local staff

  • Draft a daily journal to keep track and document the mandate

Post-mandate follow-up : 

  • Perform a follow-up

  • Draft a post-mandate report. Summarizing the mandate

  • Publish photos of the mandate for documentation purposes

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