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Current mission

Mandate - Mer et Monde 2021


CPAs Without Borders

CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013. CPAWB was founded by a group of CPAs, with the goal of using the skills of CPAs to contribute positively to the well-being of foreign communities in need.

CPAWB aims to, by its projects and field mandates, train and develop staff at foreign not-for profits, in fields of expertise related to the CPA profession. More specifically, in matters of financial management, governance & ethics, and sustainable development amongst other topics.

  • Location
    Virtual mandate

  • Beginning of mandate
    January 2021

  • Duration of mandate
    To be determined

  • Number of CPAWB field volunteers
    1 manager - a volunteer from CPAWB                                                



CPAWB has entered into a partnership with the organization Mer et Monde, to whom CPAWB will provide pro-bono services.

About Mer et Monde :

Mer et Monde is an organization that facilities international engagement. Mer et Monde aims to sensitize, train, and accompany both experiences and less experienced professionals in their foreign projects which focus on international solidarity.

Through its international programs, Mer et Monde facilitates cultural exchanges, international professional training opportunities and opportunities for people of varying cultures to engage in solidarity related efforts.

Based in Montreal, Mer et Monde has teams in Nicaragua and Senegal, whom engage with local partners and assist them in their international development efforts.

In Mer et Monde’s view, sustainable development happens when individuals from different backgrounds meet and collaborate with a common goal in mind.

In 2020, Mer et Monde’s international development projects are beginning to require additional financial and governance requirements in order to meet donor requests. As is, the local entities lack the resources and financial experience to meet these standards.

Therefore, the accounting policies (chart of accounts for Nicaragua and Senegal) and financial management tools and procedures must me revamped in order to meet new requirements.

Given the current travel restrictions, the mandate will be performed remotely by a team in Montreal.




As an expert in accounting topics, the selected candidate(s) will work directly with Mer et Monde’s CEO and Mer et Monde’s treasurer.

The selected candidate(s) will primarily perform the following tasks ;


Internal controls

  • Analyze and understand the operational activities of Mer et Monde in each country and the interactions between each “division”.

  • Understand the economic, social and cultural nuances and the impact Met et Monde’s operational activities

  • Understand and evaluate the financial and operational risks relating to each division. Recommend procedures to reduce the aforementioned risks.

  • Understand and take into account the requirements of Mer et Monde’s donors with regards to internal controls (operational, financial and accounting controls).

  • By the end of the mandate, the candidate will be required to deliver 3 administrative and financial policies and procedures manuals for each country; Canada, Senegal and Nicaragua.

  • Assist Mer et Monde with the implementation of the recommended policies and procedures. 


Accounting systems and chart of accounts

  • Update the tools and systems used for daily accounting processes.

  • Verify the accounting controls currently in place at the organization.

  • Structure the accounting codes used by Senegal and Nicaragua and improve the project accounting system

  • Integrate the accounting systems and processes used by Senegal and Nicaragua with Montreal

Planning of subsequent missions

  • Participate in the recruitment of CPAWB volunteers for subsequent mandates

  • Assist in training the CPAWB selected for the subsequent mandates and ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer

  • Ensure that the subsequent mandates are completed and perform a follow-up with the organization to validate the effectiveness of the mandates.

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