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Current mission

Mandate - Association Vergers d'Afrique 2020


CPAs Without Borders

CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013. CPAWB was founded by a group of CPAs, with the goal of using the skills of CPAs to contribute positively to the well-being of foreign communities in need.

CPAWB aims to, by its projects and field mandates, train and develop staff at foreign not-for profits, in fields of expertise related to the CPA profession. More specifically, in matters of financial management, governance & ethics, and sustainable development amongst other topics.

  • Location
    Village of Notatinga

    The mandate will take place alongside the recipient organization in Montreal, Canada

  • Beginning of mandate
    To be determined

  • Duration of mandate
    To be determined

  • Number of CPAWB field volunteers
    1 manager - a volunteer from CPAWB​​                                                                        



CPAWB has entered into a partnership with l’Association Vergers D’Afrique in order to provide ABIOGeT CPAWB’s pro-bono services.

​About Vergers d’Afrique

Vergers d’Afrique is a non-profit organization that aims to combat climate change by focusing on the value of arid land and by strengthening local capabilities through a local association in Burkina Faso named “Association Buud Nooma”.

About l'Association Buud Nooma

Buud Nooma aims to engage citizens of Burkina Faso and improve the lives of rural residents and farmers by creating community gardens with the goal of improving food security, access to clean water and development technologies.

Two associations and one vision: Engage in the sustainable development of rural residents of arid areas through the development of community gardens.


Reinforcement of management and governance practices within the organization

CPAWB has agreed to assist Vergers d’Afrique with a self-diagnosis (current state analysis) whereby CPAWB will identify improvement opportunities regarding Vergers d’Afrique’s accounting, management, and governance practices with regards to its local operations (in Burkina Faso) by the association Buud Nooma.

This first mandate will allow CPAWB and ABIOGeT to establish a plan and scope for subsequent mandates, which will assist ABIOGeT in the following areas; 

  • Adoption of appropriate and efficient accounting practices

  • Optimization of ABIOGeT’s management and decision-making process                                  

  • Analysis and planning of future projects

  • Conformity regarding accounting operations



As an expert in management and governance, the selected candidate(s) will work directly with the organization and will assist in strengthening the local team’s skills relating to the daily management of the organization.


The selected candidate(s) will primarily perform the following tasks;


The selected candidate(s) will primarily perform the following tasks

  • Solidify the relationship between CPAWB and the organization

  • Perform a SWOT and current state analysis of the organization’s current situation

  • Provide recommendations regarding the organization’s short and long-term objectives

  • Establish an action plan for subsequent mandates between CPAWB and the organization

  • Assist in the implementation of best practices and process improvements relating to governance

  • Document mandate milestones (Diagnostic/Current State Analysis, recommendations, implementation of recommendations, etc…)


Planning of subsequent mandates

  • Participate in the recruitment of CPAWB volunteers for subsequent mandates

  • Assist in training the CPAWB selected for the subsequent mandates and ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer

  • Ensure that the subsequent mandates are completed and perform a follow-up with the organization to validate the effectiveness of the mandates.

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