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Senegal, Ivory Coast, Togo and

Ghana 2023


CPAs Without Borders

CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013 by a group of CPAs. All of whom, had a desire to help vulnerable communities abroad.

CPAWB helps vulnerable communities abroad, by providing consulting services to local businesses and by training their staff in topics related to a CPA’s expertise. Common topics include; Financial Management, Governance, Ethics, Social Equity, Sustainable Development, and other topics touched on by CPAs.


Through its missions, CPAWB aims to apply its values and the skills of CPAs, to help communities abroad. Empowering and transfering knowledge to these communities, so that they can become self-sustaining. 

  • Location
    Senegal (Dakar), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Togo (Lome), Ghana (Accra)

  • Start of mandate
    February 2023 & march 2023

  • Duration of mandate
    21 days in person

  • Number of participants
    Two person team per country: 1 manager and 1 staff. Total of 4 managers and 4 staff.                                    


CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) has developed a partnership with Carrefour International (CI). As a result, CPAWB will expand its reach and be able to help in countries where CI has an established presence.

About CI :


Carrefour International is an organization that works to improve the quality of life and social equity among women and young girls, and to eliminate poverty in Africa.


Carrefour International contributes to a more sustainable and socially equitable world. By empowering and providing autonomy to individuals, organizations, and communities, through transferring knowledge, as well as engaging in solidarity and collective action initiatives.

Objective: Enabling competencies related to the CPA skill set

CPAWB will enter a series of mandates. The first mandate will serve as an onsite diagnosis / current state analysis. Where CPAWB will go onsite and identify process improvements related to the organization’s accounting, management, governance, and operational processes.


This first mandate will allow CPAWB to establish a plan for subsequent mandates, which will support the African partners of Carrefour International in the areas describe above.


Through their expertise in management best practices, the retained candidate will work directly with Carrefour International’s offices in Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, or Ghana.  A list of local partners will be provided prior to the beginning of the mandate. Meetings will take place throughout the onsite visit, in order to perform a diagnosis and strengthen the local team’s skills related to daily management tasks in accordance with each partner’s needs.


The Staff and Managers retained for the mandate, will contribute as follows:

  • Ensure a positive relationship and partnership between CPAWB, Carrefour International and the local organizations;

  • Perform a diagnosis / current state analysis regarding accounting processes at the organization;

  • Following the diagnosis / current state analysis, summarize the analysis, conclusions and recommendations in a report; 

  • Present the report to our partners at Carrefour International;

  • Prepare an implementation plan related to the recommendations identified in the diagnosis and reporting phase mentioned above. The implementation plan will be used in subsequent mandates;

    • Participate in recruiting Staff and Managers for subsequent mandates;

    • Ensure a smooth knowledge transfer from participants of the current mandate, to participates in the subsequent mandate;

    • Ensure that there is a post-mandate follow-up and proper post-mandate feedback once the mandates are completed.

  • Support partners in planning and implementing their accounting strategy and processes;

  • Draft reports related to the mandate as required.



  • CPA Member

  • CPAWB Member

Work experience

  • Experience in project management

  • Experience in team management

  • Management experience in a not-for-profit (an asset)

  • Experience leading a project related to an accounting practice diagnosis


  • Sense of coordination and leadership

  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis

  • Ability to transfer knowledge

  • Good communication skills


  • French and English both orally and in writing.


Please send us a cover letter along with your CV to

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