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Completed mission

Mandate - Tanzania 2016

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CPAs Without Borders

​CPAs Without Borders (CPAWB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2013. CPAWB was founded by a group of CPAs, with the goal of using the skills of CPAs to contribute positively to the well-being of foreign communities in need.


CPAWB aims to, by its projects and field mandates, train and develop staff at foreign not-for profits, in fields of expertise related to the CPA profession. More specifically, in matters of financial management, governance & ethics, and sustainable development amongst other topics.

  • Location
    Tanzania (city of Moshi)

  • Mandate timeline
    November 2016

  • Duration of mandate
    3 weeks in the field

  • Nomber of CPAWB field volunteers
    2 CPAWB volunteers per mandate                            


Work with Tanzania United Parents Secondary Schools (TUPSS) in Tanzania on developing a chart of accounts for secondary schools and implement it with the goal of standardizing operations.

A preliminary diagnosis of TUPPS schools showed that there were opportunities to improve accounting and management practices, especially as concerns the application of accounting principles, activity-based management, financial analysis, cash management, budget planning and efficient use of the accounting system (Quickbooks).

CPAWB intends to begin a series of missions to assist TUPPS in transitioning from cash accounting to accrual accounting, overhauling and standardizing the chart of accounts, developing and implementing a strategic plan consistent with its educational mission, and improving management practices for all schools in the network.

This third field mission (M4-Tanzania) is a CPAWB activity whose primary aim is to restructure and implement a chart of accounts at certain TUPPS schools to serve as a model for the other schools and take various opportunities to improve specific management practices.


TUPPS is a non-government institution that comprises a network of fourteen secondary schools in various regions of the country. The organization’s objective is to improve cooperation between its schools in order to ensure the highest educational standards in Tanzania. Nearly 9,800 students, of which 59% are girls, attend the schools. In addition to the education provided, these schools hold income-generating activities specifically related to agriculture, livestock rearing, baking and machinery.



Preparing for the mission

  • Become acquainted with the schools concerned by the mission

  • Monitor the chart of accounts model based on the transactions of the schools concerned by the mission

  • Monitor the continued implementation of the approved chart of accounts

  • Participate in preparing training content and material prior to departure

  • Participate in a pre-departure meeting


Conducting the mission : 

  • Implement the chart of accounts

  • Provide training and knowledge transfer sessions

  • Keep a daily log of the mission

Post-mission follow-up : 

  • Follow up with the visited partner

  • Draft a final mission report

  • Provide photos to document the mission 

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